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This website is a collection of my medical notes that have been written whilst studying to be a Doctor in the UK (Wales).

The notes are written as a personal study aid and are put together from a large selection of books, journals, lecture notes and personal experience. Please feel free to browse the pages and hopefully gain a little bit of medical knowledge.

At the moment I am studying Womens Medicine so have created notes on topics such as Ovarian Cancer, Termination of Pregnancy, the Puerperium and Gynaecological Endocrinology. More medical topics will appear as I write them, and hopefully in a few years time this will be a valuable clinical resource to look back on.

You may be interested in more health information at this consumer website.

Disclaimer: These notes are my own personal study aid – DO NOT use them for medical advice!

Medicine Doctor

Cosmetic Dentures

At Perfect Smile Spa we will only use the most effective materials that are capable of recording extremely accurate measurements. This means we are able to construct the ultimate cosmetic dentures specifically for you. Meticulous recordings of the gum area are taken as well as a computerized bite analysis. It usually takes around four separate visits to complete the whole process – Being thorough means we can ensure your Cosmetic Dentures will fit perfectly and so be comfortable to wear.

Invisible Orthodontics

Well now you can! Undoubtedly traditional metal braces are popular and effective: But there is another ‘invisible’ way to correct your teeth – ‘Clearstep Invisible Orthodontics’. At Perfect Smile Spa a cosmetic dentist who is fully trained and registered to treat patients with Clearstep can provide you with a treatment plan just right for your needs: Regardless of whether your teeth are overcrowded or have gaps, Clearstep can give you the smile you have always wanted to have.

Clinical Notes

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